The artist, Raphael Perez, was born in 1965 and was raised in Jerusalem. He currently resides and works in Tel-Aviv. He is a graduate of the Beer Sheva school of Visual Arts where he studied from 1988 through 1992.

During his youth, Raphael was working with young children from ages 3-7. He taught them how to express themselves through visual arts," It's great to work with kids ! The smaller they are, the freer and more creative This series shows drawings, books and diaries with the child's dimension that allows feelings out, including feelings of intense pressure from older adult," he said.

On this page, the artworks below show Raphael from the time of his early childhood until his early 20s.


2003 Tel Aviv Museum-Group Exhibition
2004 "A time for art" - love art exhibition
2004 Aizenberg - Dizingof Center
2004 kastra center
2004 Rimon Gallery
2004 Alternativ gallery
2004 Photogen - Naive paintings
2004 Offir gallery - artists of the gallery
2004 Dungeon - erotic art exhibit
2004 Shiraz - caffee gallery
2003 Gallery Offir
2002 Haifa forum
2002 GLBT community Center in the Galilee
2001 Jerusalem Open House
2000 Cafe Gallery THEO - Tel Aviv
1998 Flamingo Restaurant Gallery - Tel Aviv
1997 Camera Obscura (Curator Department)-Tel Aviv

186 of his paintings sold to Professional collectors and art lovers

Index of Subjects

naive paintings

drawings my family

garden of eden

flying couples

couple screaming



draw on rodin

primitive naive sketches

drawing on atlas

childlike drawing on invitation

naive child paintings



cooperation with kids

drawings on museum guide




couples - collection

painting on diary

romance love

illustration on book

women drawing